Australian Deer Association Inc – Mission Statement

In pursuit of the key objective of the Association, the improvement of the status of deer in Australia, we strive for appropriate management of all free roaming deer populations in Australia.
  • chital

    Chital Deer (Axis axis)

    Chital are the most attractive of all the deer species and are certainly one of the most beautiful of all wild animals. Their colouring is most striking, consisting of a reddish to chestnut brown coat with white spots, a striking white upper throat patch and a black
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  • fallow

    Fallow Deer (Dama dama)

    Fallow deer are the small, spotted deer often seen in large groups on deer farms as you travel along country roads. In that semi-domesticated situation, they bear little resemblance to free-roaming fallow deer which have the alertness and bearing of all the natural
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  • hog

    Hog Deer (Axis porcinus)

    Hog deer are the smallest of the six species of deer in Australia and although they are a close relative of the chital, bear little resemblance to them. They are similar in size to a sheep. A mature hog deer stag stands about 70cm at the shoulder and weighs appr
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  • red-deer

    Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

    Red deer are the second largest of Australia’s wild deer species and are probably the deer with which most mainland Australians are familiar because of their presence in large numbers on deer farms. A mature stag stands about 120cm at the shoulder and weighs
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  • rusa

    Rusa Deer (Rusa timorensis)

    Rusa is the Malay word for deer and they are medium sized, rough-coated deer which are biologically allied to the sambar. However, the two species are quite different in size, appearance and behaviour. There are two subspecies established in the wild in Australi
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  • sambar

    Sambar Deer (Rusa unicolor)

    Sambar (now Rusa unicolor - previously Cervus unicolor) inhabit eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales and comprise the most important herd in the world outside of their native countries where the available habitat is diminishing daily outside of pro- tec
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Victorian Government ignores recreational users

The Victorian Government’s Forest Industry Taskforce has released its ‘Statement of Intent’ – close to 700 words and not one of them about forest users.

Prior to the 2014 Victorian Election we were assured that this Taskforce would include all ‘relevant stakeholders’ – It does not.

After we were told that forest users would not be included on the Taskforce we were assured that recreational users would be closely consulted throughout the process – We were not.

We were told that the Taskforce would deliver this report then be disbanded – Clearly it is set to continue.

We were told that an independent and impartial chair would be appointed to the Taskforce. Professor Don Henry spent more than a decade as the CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

We were told that this Taskforce would not consider anything to do with the creation of new National Parks – As evidenced by the Statement of intent that is clearly what they have been doing.

At every turn the Victorian Government has willfully ignored the most significant stakeholder in public land – The public.

TAKE ACTION NOW – action-kit-for-forest-industry-taskforce