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Deer Hunting | Australian Deer Association

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

Hunting is not only an old age tradition, for many it is both vital and necessary for a complete fulfillment of their lives.

As society has become more urbanised and the requirement to hunt for food is no longer necessary a large section of the community do not understand why we hunt. The primary reason we still pursue game is our innate sense that it is both natural and satisfying to venture into the bush, leave the problems and stresses of modern life behind us and for that short period of time enjoy the environment we are in and the fulfillment of the hunt. This to us is both natural and understandable but today’s  modern urban society does not understand this compelling desire to hunt.

We are facing ever more restrictions on our hunting and access to hunting lands.  Today’s hunter is under increasing scrutiny regarding his behaviour and safe hunting practices while in the field, and all hunters must understand that they are now sharing their hunting country with not only more members of the public, but also with people who have no understanding of what motivates us.

However the picture is not totally bleak! There are people who have taken up  the challenge to represent and defend hunting in the public arena, and these  spokespeople reside within the hunting organisations. The task in front of the hunting community is difficult but in my opinion achievable! It is only through organised and responsible representation to government and forthright presentation of the case for hunting in the public arena, that the public perception of hunters and their activities will improve and become more positive.

The question is how can the average hunter become involved and make a contribution to assist in improving not only the image of hunters but help present the case for  continued hunting to today’s modern society. The most basic and rewarding action  you can take is to become a member of one of the hunting organisations that is  representing your interests and securing hunting for the future. If you are only  interested in hunting game birds, then Field & Game Australia would be the logical choice for your membership, but if you are interested in deer hunting and the  Australian Deer Association is the logical organisation for deerhunters. If you wish to become actively involved in working within your chosen organisation you will find it both educational and rewarding. You will be associating with the most competent  and knowledgeable people in the hunting scene and the involvement will be  personally satisfying.

Why ADA for Deer Hunters?

This Association has been at the forefront of deer and hunter management since  its establishment in 1969. Its accomplishments are many. This breakthrough was achieved by presenting a factual and compelling case why this form of hunting was in the public interest and at the same time presented no danger to the public. In recent times, without justification National Parks-Victoria has been trying to disallow  hunting in some of these Parks. It is only by being vigilant and arguing our case with  government and in the public arena that this form of hunting will continue in those  National Parks currently allowing deerstalking. It is worthwhile to point out that  deerstalking is the only form of hunting allowed in any National Park and this illustrates what a strong and effective hunting organisation can achieve when committed and competent advocates present the case.

In this day and age it is extremely important to have a strong and responsible organisation representing you if we are to retain deer hunting over the longer term. Please make sure you do your part, and at the very minimum be a financial member of a responsible hunting organisation and help to retain your hunting in the future.

The future ahead is challenging for the hunting community but with the strength of numbers and the commitment of our leaders we can change the scene to a more positive environment. The least you can do is be a financial member of a progressive hunting organisation and if you are really serious, become involved in making that organisation even more successful by participating and promoting in its objectives. The future of hunting is in our hands. If we are really serious and sufficiently committed to do the hard work and generate the political muscle to counter our foes, we will be successful.


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