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Organisational Structure | Australian Deer Association

Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

The ADA is a single legal entity. Members join the Association, but for administrative purposes are asked to nominate a home branch.

Branches do not have defined geographical areas, and in some cases service members across state boundaries.

The administrative structure of ADA reflects the way that the various levels of government operate in Australia.

ADA branches and their committees are similar to local councils and act as the service delivery arm for ADA members.

Where more than one branch exists in a State, then a State Executive is formed to look after issues that are common to those branches.

The National Executive addresses issues that impact two or more states, and deals with the Australian Government.

Branch committees are elected by members of the branch and State

Executives are elected by Branch committees within that state.

The members of the National Executive are the President, Secretary and Treasurer who are nominated by the States and elected at our

Annual General Meeting (which by tradition is called our Annual National Conference).

Each State President also becomes a member of the National Executive.

ADA National Executive

The role of the National Executive and tasks that they administer are:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with the SA Associations Act,
  • Maintaining the membership list, Constitution, Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Committee and national policies,
  • Developing and administering the national budget,
  • Providing insurance for members and executives,
  • The planning and conduct of the Annual National Conference,
  • Producing Australian Deer Magazine,
  • Maintaining the association’s website and official facebook page,
  • Maintaining the Associations web shop (ADA branded apparel, etc),
  • Administering the Trophy Register and National Trophy and Photographic Competitions,
  • Appointing Life Members,
  • Liaison with the Australian government and being the primary point of conduct for other external bodies.
  • National Deer Conservation Fund: provision of financial support for deer conservation projects,

State Executives

The role of the State Executives and the key tasks they administer are:

  • Executing and supporting national policy and strategic directions, and defining State policy.
  • Liaison with state governments and wildlife departments on behalf of the National Executive,
  • State level deer management issues,
  • Support to and coordination of branches,
  • Dissemination and enforcement of ADA policy,
  • Appointing Honoured members
  • Making ADA’s Hunter Education products available to members.


The Branches are at the forefront of managing the relationships we have with our members. The role of the branches and the key tasks they administer are:

  • Member engagement,
  • Branch meetings and other member activities,
  • Membership attraction and retention,
  • Local deer management and land manager support activities, Newsletters and information for local members,
  • Fundraising,