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Mission and Objectives | Australian Deer Association

Mission and Objectives

Australian Deer Association Inc – Mission Statement

In pursuit of the key objective of the Association, the improvement of the status of deer in Australia, we strive for appropriate management of all free roaming deer populations in Australia.

To promote the safe, responsible and ethical pursuit of deer hunting and its acceptance by the community, undertaken by members who seek an environmentally sustainable experience in accordance with the ADA code of conduct.

Australian Deer Association Inc – Objectives

The improvement of the status of deer in Australia,

The promotion of research into the habits of deer; and the scientific study of deer in Australia and their relationship to the Australian environment,

The promotion, application and publication of the methods of management and control of deer whether semi-domesticated or wild,

The retention and improvement of habitat for deer and other wildlife, particularly by encouraging governments to pass legislation and make regulations based on sound management principles,

The preservation, and where appropriate the generating of deer hunting as a legiti- mate sport,

The preservation and extension of public access to the Australian bushland for recrea- tional use, and the encouragement of such use,

The preservation of the environment,

The education of hunters in the safe handling of firearms, and,

The personal adoption by members of the Association’s Code