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The main purpose of the ADA Trophy Register is to statis- tically record the measurements of antlers grown in this country by wild deer. The Register is concerned with record- ing growth achievement and as such lists not only trophies taken by hunters but also ‘animals found dead in the bush’.

ADA Accredited Measurers are available to measure the antlers of wild, free roaming deer that were taken in Aus- tralia and known to have grown their antlers in the wild. To contact your nearest ADA Accredited Measurer to have a trophy Douglas scored please contact the ADA Administra- tive Office by telephoning (03) 9870 1175 during business hours or by emailing [email protected] Measurers act in an honorary capacity and will expect your trophy to be delivered to them for measurement. On completion of the measuring a Douglas score sheet will be given to the owner/taker for their information.

If the trophy meets the minimum entry score for inclusion in the ADA Antlered Trophy Register then a further measuring session will be required after a drying period of at least 60 days from when the trophy was taken. This session will be carried out by an official ADA measuring panel consisting of the Chief Measurer, or a State or Certifying Measurer and two other Accredited Scorers. Their final score will be re- corded as the official score and entered in the ADA Antlered Trophy Register. A signed declaration by the owner/taker is required testifying the trophy meets the above require- ments. Suitable photographs showing the trophy to its best advantage from different angles should be supplied to the Trophy Registrar with a copy of the final score sheet.

The minimum entry score levels for the six Australian deer species are as follows:

Red deer – 250 Douglas points
Sambar – 200 Douglas points
Fallow deer – 225 Douglas points
Chital – 175 Douglas points
Hog deer – 100 Douglas points
Rusa – 180 Douglas points

Only heads that have been scored by an official measuring panel are included in the Top 50 listing. If you have a trophy that could make the Top 50 why not submit it to be panel scored