Hunter Education – Victoria

The renowned ADA Victorian Hunter Education Course 2017 will be held at Forest Edge (Neerim East) on the 5th – 7th May, 2017.

The ADA Victorian Hunter Education Course 2017 is a residential program conducted over a very full weekend at spectacular Forest Edge in the heart of sambar country. The 2017 course will be held on the 5th – 7th May and is now open for bookings.

Participants enjoy a mix of theory and practical sessions covering an introduction to Australia’s deer species, hunting and the law, firearm safety, firearms for deer, bushcraft and survival, animal welfare, deer tracking, hog deer hunting, stalking sambar, carry out and break down, an intensive full afternoon field trip into deer habitat, hunting with hounds, hunting with gundogs, caping and trophy care, meat care, deer management and considerations of the future of Australia’s wild deer and deer hunting.

The Victorian Hunter Education Course is Australia’s longest running, most successful and best regarded deer hunter education program. The course remains the benchmark for deer hunter education in the Southern Hemisphere.

The unique feature of the Victorian Hunter Education Course is that we combine practical learning in the field with interactive sessions in the lecture theatre – allowing students to immediately put theory in to practice.

Rather than try and teach just one particular style of stalking, our focus is on giving you the tools and arming you with the knowledge to hunt how it suits you. The cornerstones of any style of deer hunting are understanding deer behaviour and having an ability to read deer sign in the bush. The Victorian Hunter Education Course has guided thousands of hunters on the path to ongoing success.

Key to keeping the costs down and providing the best possible “kick-start” to deer hunting are team of twenty or so presenters who give their weekend up free of charge. When you join the course you get to share in the knowledge of hunting luminaries such as:

Peter Burke The author of Quiet Footsteps and the principal of Sambar Hunter’s Edge. Peter is one of Australia’s most acomplished sambar hunters with over forty years of experience. Renowned for his fantastic sense of humour, ‘steel trap’ memory and nearly encyclopaedic knowledge of sambar, Peter relishes any opportunity to pass on his wealth of experience to the next wave of Australian deer hunters.

Rob Fickling Recently described as the most inspiring man in deer hunting today. Rob is the driving force behind the Beyond the Divide television series and the Moroka30 equipment brand. A sambar hunter first and foremost, Rob’s enthusiasm for deer hunting is infectious and his ability to convey complex ideas in an easy to understand and entertaining manner is second to none in the Australiasian deer scene.

Peter Christian Peter comes from one of Victoria’s longest standing sambar hunting families and has been hunting deer since he was a small child. A consummate bushman, Peter owns and operates the Baw Baw Adventures business guiding clients on hunts, bushwalks, fishing, photography and horse riding expeditions in the beautiful West Gippsland forests he knows so well.

Scott McDonald When he’s not in North America or New Zealand hunting exotic game species, Scott can usually be found somewhere in the Great Dividing Range with his twin sons hunting sambar or on Sunday Island pursuing the illusive hog deer. Scott is well known to hunters through his role as a staff writer with Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine and his work with Get Stuffed Taxidermy.

The Venue – Forest Edge: Surrounded by the Latrobe State Forest, the immaculate Forest Edge camp in Neerim East, is the perfect base for hunter education. The ability to combine comfortable, modern indoor learning facilities with ready access to prime deer habitat for hands on learning is an advantage unique to the Victorian Hunter Education course.

The accommodation for the course is basic school camp style accommodation. Clean, warm and comfortable with four guests per room (bunk beds) and a shared ensuite for every two rooms. All meals are provided and, again, they are basic but tasty and nutritious.

You bring some sleeping gear (sleeping bag and pillow), some suitable clothes and enthusiasm – we provide the rest.

Location – Forest Edge (Neerim East)

Costs ADA Members $399 / Non-members $499 / Juniors $290

Costs are “all inclusive”, so all you need to bring is yourself, sleeping equipment and appropriate clothing for the field trip. Special dietary requirements can be catered for if requested.


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